Portable and Handheld Instruments

Portable and handheld test instruments are part of every field technician or engineer's toolkit. This is due to their flexibility, ruggedness in harsh environments, and varied functionality to handle anything from simple measurements to power quality analysis and pressure calibration. They are able to log data quickly to internal memory, as well as perform quick measurements for easy troubleshooting of industrial field equipment. Often times, it is not only impractical but cost-ineffective to bring high-end instrumentation onto the field where such precision is not warranted or needed. Portable instruments are ideal for closing that needed gap. 


This application brief goes into how an insulation tester such as the MY600 can be used to maintain the integrity of magnetic flow meters. 


Preventative maintenance is crucial to maintaining reliable plant operations and reducing costly downtime. As electrical cables are found everywhere in industrial plants, insulaiton testing is one of the many active measures used in this type of periodic equipment validation. Insulation testers ensure the integrity of electrical cables by measuring the quality of the conductivity state. By diagnosing insulation quality early on, you can prevent harmful leakage currents from destroying nearby equipment or harming your personnel. 


Die Temperatur gehört zu den physikalischen Größen, die mit am häufigsten gemessen wird.

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  • Vattenfall
    - Fehlersuche im Kraftwerk
  • Neuheiten
    - ScopeCorder DL350
    - R4 Release für SMARTDAC+ GP/GX- und GM-Serie
    - WTViewerE Software für Leistungsanalysatoren
  • Seminar
    - Leistungsmesstechnik bei der PTB in Braunschweig September 2017

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    Join us on November 10th where we will start to break down the common causes, effects and solutions to poor power quality, as it relates to low power factor. In this webinar, we will provide several solutions to this common issue and teach you the proven benefits of improved power factor.

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