When 8-bit Scopes Aren't Enough: High-Resolution Isolated, Mixed-Signal Instruments for Electro-Mechanical Measurements Webinar August 25, 2009

We all know what a difference the right tool can make. While traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes are the right choice in many situations, they often are not the best choice when making mixed signal, power and/or electro-mechanical measurements. There exists in the market, instruments designed with these applications in mind. Hybrid instruments offer capabilities not found in traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes. These capabilities include: high-resolution (up to 16-bit) and isolated inputs, very long memory for long-term recording and support for a variety of signal inputs (RMS coupling, temperature, strain, frequency-voltage, accelerometers, etc.)

What you will learn in this seminar:

  • Understand differences between oscilloscopes, recorders and hybrid instruments.
  • Identify key instrument specifications for electro-mechanical applications.
  • Why hybrid instruments are often the best choice.
  • Discuss specialized functions designed for electro-mechanical applications.
Termine: 25.08.09