High Speed Stray Light Reduction Function

High Speed Stray Light Reduction Function
New High Speed Stray Light Reduction Function!
(SWITCH Sweep Function)
Measurement with stray light reduction is faster!
A high speed stray light* reduction function (SWITCH sweep function) has been added, speeding up measurement times. When compared to the CHOP function used in conventional models, the stray light reduction function is Approximately 2.4 times faster.
Measurement conditions: SPAN: 0.5 nm, RES: 10 pm, SENS: HIGH1/SW, SAMPLE: AUTO

Tm Aq6319 04 Approximately 2.4 times faster measuring speed compared to the CHOP Sweep function.

* Stray light originates from reflection and scattering on the surfaces of optical components inside optical instruments and their holders. As it is from factors other than normal refraction and reflection, it can be harmful to image formation.

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