Introduction and Use of an Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Sign up now for our free training on the many uses of an Optical Spectrum Analyzers. This one hour presentation covers the basics of light, the design, measurement, and test applications of an OSA. Initial subject matter will cover the nature of light and some key aspects of light propagation. In addition this seminar will also cover the design of a Monochrometer, an assortment of test conditions and configurations for measurement of various Device Under Test (DUT). Unique benefits of the Yokogawa line of Optical Spectrum Analyzers will be highlighted at the end of the presentation as well as a head to head performance comparison.

With the recent introduction of the AQ6375, Yokogawa now has 4 different models of OSA with a combined measurable wavelength range from 600nm to 2400nm: the portable AQ6331, the most popular AQ6370B, the high resolution AQ6319 and the long wavelength capable AQ6375.

Seminar outline:
- The nature of light
- Light propagation and correction
- The Simplified Double Pass Monochrometer
- Diffraction Grating
- Calibration sources and their operation
- OSA versus RF Spectrum Analyzers
- Fundamental uses of an OSA
- Analysis features of Yokogawa's OSAs
- Head to head measurement conditions
- Head to head measurement video
- Question and Answers

Termine: 12.05.09

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