Analysis of Engine Combustion Pressure

Responding to concerns about the environment, automobile manufacturers are developing high performance yet clean energy technologies such as direct-injection engines and alternative gas engines. YOKOGAWA offers the DL750 ScopeCorder and the WE7000 PC-Based Measurement Instrument as flexible and low-cost solutions for engine combustion pressure analysis which is an important technique used during such engine development.
Using the DL750 and WE7000's external trigger and sampling functions, you can capture electrical signals from rotary encoders and internal pressure sensors installed in motors (cylinder pressure, TDC, angle signals). By connecting to these instruments through the PC interface, that data can then be analyzed using our Application Software Package for Analysis of Engine Combustion Pressure. The software comes equipped with TDC correction and absolute pressure correction functions, and supports twenty different analysis items. Our package eliminates the need for traditional high-cost dedicated engine combustion pressure analysis systems, and brings you all the functionality necessary with an inexpensive, general purpose measuring instrument and a PC.

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  • Acquire Data with a General Purpose Measuring Instrument
    • Data acquisition can be performed using standard-spec DL series ScopeCorder (digital scopes), or the WE7000 PC-Based Measurement Instrument
    • Employing general purpose measuring instruments means you can repurpose the devices at any time
  • Fully Equipped with Standard Analysis Functions
    • Package comes standard with the tools to perform various types of engine analyses
    • Save analysis results in CSV format
    • Digital filter functions
    • Digital filter functions
    • Analyzes a variety of signals including cylinder pressure signals
    • Multiple absolute pressure correction methods (average value or per cycle)
  • Realtime Monitor Function
    • Allows realtime monitoring on the WE7000


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