CD (CD-ROm, CD-R, CD-RW) TA320


Item TA320 Advantage
Optical Disk & Pickup Evaluation
TA320 can measure and analyze all T data.
Tm Ta320 13
The data from the CD is a pulse width modulated (EFM) signal which contains the data from 3T to 11T (T being the Read Clock period.).
The pulse width jitter influences the read error.

The pulse width and jitter of all data (from 3T to 11T) for both Pit and Land are fixed by a CD Standard.

We produceTA320/520 Optical disk Intersymbol Interference Analysis software that is conform to the disk Standard.

TA320 Setting
  • Mode : Hardware histogram
  • Function : Pulse width
  • Display : Histogram
  • Multi-Window function


Tm Ta320 14
With the Histogram display, It is possible to see the distribution of all data so you can determine the cause of the jitter.

Optical Disk Analysis Software

Tm Ta320 15
With this software it is possible to analyze the optical disk data for every recording length (T) which is obtained by the TA320. This gives you all the data, from 3T to 11T, in the EFM signal which is used in CD's and MD's. With this software, you can confirm the Effect Length Error and the Jitter of every T data at a glance.
This is a very useful tool to judge the disk data because this software conforms to the disk Standard for CD's and it runs on Windows.
Note: See TA320/520 Optical disk Intersymbol Interference Analysis software

The image of CD, DVD signal (EFM signal)

Tm Ta320 16
The signal of CD or DVD is as below. This image is monitored by DL1540 with pulse width trigger.
Tm Ta320 17
The image which is monitored by TA320 is as follows. Some histograms are seen as pulse width data.

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Der Zeitintervall-Analysator TA320 erlaubt die kontinuierliche Messung von Periode, Impulsbreite und Zeitintervall eines Signals mit einer maximalen Geschwindigkeit von 14 MS/s und einer maximalen Auflösung von 100 Pikosekunden. Der große LCD-Touchscreen-Bildschirm erleichtert die intuitive, einfache Durchführung der Messungen und der Datenanalyse. Die hohe Bildschirm-Aktualisierungsrate ermöglicht eine unmittelbare Anzeige der Analyse-Ergebnisse.