CRT for PC Evaluation of Sync Signal Jitter

Item TA320 Advantage
Sync Signal Jitter
Measuring of all scan lines

Evaluation of Sync Signal Jitter

Set Up

Tm Ta320 20

The dot size of CRT's is being diminished at the same time that the size of the CRT being used with PC's is getting wider. Multi-scan type CRT's are also becoming popular.
For such high resolution CRT's the jitter of the sync signal, especially for the HSYNC Horizontal sync signal, has a great influence on the quality of the CRT. The jitter needs to be evaluated.

The TA320 can measure the period of HSYNC continuously with high resolution. All scan lines can be evaluated in one measurement.

TA320 Setting

  • Function : Period
  • Display : Time variation


Tm Ta320 21

Since the TA320 can measure the period of a signal with 100ps resolution over the whole measuring range, time errors of less than 1ns are easily evaluated for relatively long period signals like HSYNC.

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