Evaluating DC Power Supply for Office Automation Equipment

Input power of Office Automation equipment constantly changes due to the combinations of actions such as printing, receiving and sending data and other functions. Therefore, consuming power values need to be measured and synchronized with changes of the input power. PZ4000 is an ideal solution for the measurement and synchronization input and output consumed power. It can be equipped with up to 4 input modules, for simultaneous measurement of the input power supply and the DC power outputs. Harmonic analysis and THD calculation of the input current waveform is also available.


  1. Confirmation of rated power and peak power - Consuming power and peak power are measured as parameters at each combination of actions, such as printing, receiving, and sending data and others.
  2. Confirmation of load conditions and input conditions - This can be used for temperature test of components, heat rise, and other tests.
  3. Calculations and analyses based on waveform data
    1. Calculation of in-rush current "I2T" by determing periods
    2. Harmonic current measurement
    3. FFT analyzing function of 2MHz bandwidth

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Performance required from power meters
  • Calculating waveform data of voltage and current, and power values synchronized to changing loads.
  • Measurement of fluctuating inputs (You can determine a period in waveform data to make calculation of power parameters.)
  • Large amount of memory captures all waveform data during start up and operation - - 4MW/ch.
  • Harmonic measurement up to 500 orders, or FFT analyzing function for distorted waveforms
Benefits for the user
  • The PZ4000 performs the functions of three instruments. Waveform observation, value display and harmonic measurements are performed in one instrument, saving the user test and evaluation time, cost and space for many instruments. The measuring results are highly reliable because the numeric calculations are based on the waveform data.
  • You can input signals without using isolated amplifiers or current sensors. This reduces error of such accessories.


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