Evaluation of Lighting Devices

Simultaneous measurement of voltage, current, and THD (distortion factor)
Testing of lighting devices often involves measurement of voltage, current, and THD, a parameter that indicates the quality of power. This is because distortion in voltage and current waveforms is becoming more prevalent due to the increasing complexity of control systems.

The WT3000 can simultaneously measure voltage and current with THD, eliminating these inconveniences and allowing for more accurate and rapid measurements of an instrument’s characteristics and fluctuations.


* THD stands for total harmonic distortion. In other words, the distortion factor.
* Please be aware that during lighting testing, the measured values and efficiencies may not be stable since the power conversion efficiency fluctuates over time due to the emission of heat.

Lamp Current Measurement
Since lamp current flows inside of fluorescent tubes, normally it cannot be measured directly. However, lamp current can be displayed by measuring secondary current and cathode current and finding the difference in their instantaneous values using the delta computation function (/DT option).

Related applications
Evaluation of power quality in equipment designed to be connected in a system,
such as UPSs and power conditioners


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WT3000 Präzisions-Leistungsanalysator

Das Flaggschiff unter den Leistungsmessinstrumenten und Referenzgerät bei anspruchsvollen Wirkungsgradmessungen. Exzellente Linearität und Langzeitstabilität zeichnen das WT3000 aus. Ideal auch für Trafo-Verlustmessungen bei extrem kleinen Leistungsfaktoren. Besonderheiten sind weiterhin Transienten-Aufzeichnung und FFT Analyse.