High Speed Data Logger for Multichannel Measurement of Mixed Signals

High Speed Data Logger for Multichannel Measurement of Mixed Signals

The need for robust multi-functional evaluation and analysis tools for automobile engines has become undeniable. Such applications call for efficient, high speed measurement and evaluation of a variety of signals in large quantities. YOKOGAWA is proud to offer the WE7000 series of PC-based measurement instruments as the perfect tools for just such requirements.

To efficiently measure signals from the object under test (sensor signals, temperature, pulse, distortion, acceleration etc.) the WE7000 lets you measure all the signals with selfcontained, application-specific measurement modules; you can also synchronize the measurements, and display and store the results. The WE7000 gives you simultaneous time axis display, data storage functions, redisplay of measured data (load viewer function), and highly efficient measurement.


Measurement Made Easy

  • The WE7000's modular design makes it easy to perform a variety of measurements. Change configurations depending on the type of measurement simply by inserting the appropriate module into the station (plug and play). Multichannel operation is also effortless.

Measurement Cards for Every Need

  • With cards such as the isolation digitizer, temperature measurement, timing measurement, and strain measurement modules, a dedicated device is available for any measurement task.

Abundant Calculation Functions

  • With between-channels (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), conversion to industrial units, and other computations, the WE7000 has the right math tools for every application. Display measured data of differing sampling rates on the same time axis, and store the data.
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WE7000 PC-basierende Messinstrumente

Ein System, mehrere Instrumente:  WE7000 erfüllt die Anforderungen im Hinblick auf eine schnelle, zuverlässige und genaue Datenerfassung, wobei ein standardmäßiger Laptop oder PC als Anwenderschnittstelle genutzt wird. Die Eingangsmodule werden in eine erweiterbare Messstation eingesteckt. Über eine optische Schnittstelle lässt sich der Laptop/PC galvanisch isolieren.