Yokogawa honors our relationships and our customers and provides World Class customer service. At Yokogawa we care about the follow-on service you receive and your complete satisfaction, that's why at Yokogawa, when you call for care, you'll be talking to a team member who is an engineer by trade. Our team of experts is always prepared to offer you exceptional customer service and can help you troubleshoot without delay. Your satisfaction is our priority at Yokogawa.

Service, Warranty & Quality

Yokogawa is dedicated to providing Quality products to your business. We provide you with top-notch service and reliable products, with consistently high performance and precision. That is why we work hard and have earned the ISO designation. We are here to tailor our products to your needs, often partnering with our customers to create unique business solutions. We offer some of the most powerful, precise, and high quality oscilloscopes, Serial Bus Analyzers, and measuring units in the world. Our products are used by industry giants. We are proud to stand behind our products. Our team of professionals can discuss each product's unique warranty. Rest assured, you can count on Yokogawa's Quality and reputation. Learn More

Product Registration

Making the extra effort to register your product with us, pays big dividends into the future. We can easily contact you with product updates through the information you provide. You can request additional literature regarding your  product or next generation materials. Our team of industry professionals is here to help you and registration is the ideal channel for future communication.
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Download Software Drivers & Firmware

You may download software drivers and firmware. View and download bulletins, general specifications, technical information, and user's manuals for analytical instruments.
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Technical Support

Our relationship doesn't end with the bill of sale. Yokogawa is here to assist you in any way we can. We provide maintenance, service, engineering, and technical support on a global basis. Some of our key customers chose to do business with us due to our ability to provide global maintenance and service and global engineering and technical support. At Yokogawa our business is to support your business, wherever you are, whatever you need. Learn More

Order Status

Yokogawa gives you a quick link to review and check on the status of your purchase order.  Learn More


Yokogawa is here to answer all of your questions. Browse our FAQ listing. If this does not satisfy your concern, please contact our service and technical department for further assistance. Learn More

Discontinued Products

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Special Offers

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